Interpersonal Communication

“Interpersonal Communication is one-on-one communication, or the intentional or accidental transmission of information through verbal or non-verbal message system to another human being.”

(Mass Communications Sixth Edition; Ralph E. Hanson; pg. 5)

On Monday I was involved in a demonstration of support for Immigration. It was here I could observe interpersonal communication. During this demonstration, I made a sign that I drew a Polish flag with the words “We all come from somewhere” written in the upper white segment of the flag of my people. On the other side, it said, “My Great Grandfather Believed In a Better Tomorrow.” Directly below it in red it read, “Immigrant Son” and below that I wrote, “The Polish Do Not Bow To Tyranny.” It was during this demonstration I had several conversations regarding President Trump’s recent executive order to try and ban Immigrants coming into our country for refuge from a nation torn by this war we are currently in, as well as his proposal to build a wall separating us from Mexico. During this demonstration, many bystanders would walk by and nod their heads or give the “power to the people” fist. This is an example of Interpersonal Communication because it shows direct support for our cause without saying a word. Another example, and by far the most heart-warming, was when an older Hispanic woman approached each one of the demonstrators and gave every individual a very powerful hug, almost knocking some of us over, with tears in her eyes. This showed us that she was thankful for what we were doing for her people.

My preferred technique of Interpersonal Communication would have to be non-verbal. The reason for this is because of the saying in American culture that states, “Actions speak louder than words.” This concept is true because before humans even speak, their body language will tell you what they are about to do, and sometimes why, if one is observant enough. Body language is the language that connects our species to each other regardless of spoken word, it is the language of the soul and of the heart’s desire, as well as the oldest language spoken, or rather unspoken, of our ancient ancestors.


Protest sign (2) edit KRP


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