Media Journal I: Generational Media Differences

“Media Journal I”

My father, Dr. Terry Joseph Kosinski was born September 27, 1953. Today he is 63-years-old. He grew up from humble beginnings in the Polish part of South Bend, Indiana. The grandson of a Polish Immigrant, one John Kosinski, (whose name can still be seen on Ellis Island today), and the son of a World War II veteran, one Alfred Kosinski. From a young age his father instilled him the hard-working ethics typical of many Polish people. He attended Washington High in South Bend, Indiana where he was graduated Salutatorian of the class of 1971. This allowed him acceptance into Notre Dame University where he graduated with Honors in 1975.  Today Dr. Kosinski works at First Care on Red Wolf Blvd., next to Centennial Bank Field at Arkansas State University. At his home in Jonesboro, Arkansas on February 13, 2017, I asked him about his views on the media and his part in the modern Media world.

Dr. Kosinski’s favorite media is the television, particularly Fox News which he feels gives a fair and balance viewpoint in the modern world. He enjoys this type of media for its audio and video qualities. In a typical day, my father accesses radio, television, and medical journals or newspapers throughout his day. In the morning, Dr. Kosinski begins his day with a cup of coffee and Fox news, sometimes he reads one of his medical journals or newspapers. He then listens to talk shows on the radio on his way into work. When I asked him what his favorite involvement in a media setting was, he went on to say, “My favorite media memory would have to be when I went to a production of Rush Limbaugh’s talk show in New York City during the summer of 1997, which I attended with his wife and my parents.” It was there he got to see firsthand how the media of those days worked from the audience.

Dr. Kosinski has come to witness many historic events through the media in his lifetime. He mentions the horror of the images of the Vietnam War put out by the media. He remembers witnessing the Civil Rights movements both first hand and through the media. He then on more than one occasion mentioned, “How much of a hero he saw in Martin Luther King and how it was truly disheartening to see such a peaceful, loving, man get taken out by such disgusting behavior. He witnessed the twin towers falling on September 11, 2001 and how it made his heart weep for the victims involved, and how his Patriotism in the United States soared when he saw the people come together to help the survivors, wishing he could be there to help, not only as a doctor but as a man with great love for his country and his fellow man. Dr. Kosinski then recalls how he and his brothers woke up at 3 a.m. to watch our boys land on the moon. He then goes on to mention, with a childlike grin and excitement in his voice, “It was really something to get to see that. I mean really something to get to see that. No words can really describe it. It was just so cool.”

Dr. K, as many have come to call him, believes that a world without media would be a massively uninformed world. He believes that, “Without the media the general public would be a world where we would not be able to cooperate and communicate with foreign nations. A world where we couldn’t communicate with loved ones who live far away, which would make me very distressed, because of my love for my family.” He then continued on about how he, “Really thinks the internet is cool, because now we have no need to travel to speak to loved ones, or learn and read cool things that never would have been doable with old fashioned means of communication where phone companies would charge you a ridiculous amount of money for just a few minutes, even if they, (the people who you are trying to contact), are one town over.” I then went on to ask him, “If he felt the internet has made his life more convenient?” To which he replied, “It most certainly has, the media has not only helped me but it’s helped the world. It has helped advance civilizations, warn us of potential threats to our people, and perhaps most importantly, helped us connect to loved ones.”

From this interview, I learned many things about past generations and their Media. Daily, I have my hands in all kinds of media. I do not watch much news on our television at home. Most of my news sources come from word-of-mouth of those around me who show me the source of their claims from their media sources, and research those stories further. Something I find to be more in depth than what is put on television and put my own spin on it. I personally believe that the more sources you have the better. I believe that the media affects local and national issues similarly in the way that most people only look at a few select sources that go along with their own views, but I prefer to look at sources from all sides, and form my own opinion based on that. I think my media use makes my values a little different than my fathers in that I tend to lean more towards the progressive mindset versus the conservative, but I believe we are all entitled to our own opinions, if presented in a respectful manner. There was nothing in this interview that really surprised me due to my interest in trying to find the behavior and cause of modern culture and how it works. Many of the questions asked, are questions I ask people every day, especially when it comes to someone I am very close to like my father. We would talk about these things a lot in our many adventures together traveling the country and the world. Despite our differences, I admire my father and all that he has done for my family and me, as well as the accomplishments he’s made in his life. It is truly an honor to be the son of such a great man.

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