Man Vs. Woman: Magazine Edition

“Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women.”

– Joss Whedon

In modern society, men and women have a multitude of magazines that are specific to their sexes. This takes us back to the old adage from the 1990s that “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars”. Is this really the truth in regards to magazines? Are men’s and women’s magazines really all that different? Traditionally men and women had different interests, or at least that is how the media wanted to portray it “back in the day”. Today this is simply not true. Today we live in a progressive era where the lines of gender specific content is blurred.

For my first comparison let us look at health magazines put out for men and women. The general health of human beings differs only slightly. Health magazines give advice on how to remain healthy, granted the science is different per each sex and their health needs but the question of those individuals interested in these types of magazines is the same, “What can I do to maintain my health or to get healthier?”

Another comparison can be found in magazines regarding the fashion industry for men and women. While each magazine is different in its approach to fashion and the advice given within each is different according to the gender, the idea of “wanting to know how to look stylish in the modern age” is really not all the different. The subject matter of each side gives the exact same advice on how to feel good in what you wear and how to attract the sex of your individual interest.

Finally, we see an example of similarities found in what some have come to call “Smut” magazines, or rather those that show racy and just downright pornographic imagery, and give advice on sex. These magazines on both sides These magazines objectify both men and women and give unrealistic representations of the average human being. They also sometimes give false information on what all people find stimulating during sexual intercourse by generalizing everyone’s likes. These magazines also do not typically consider the desires of transgender individuals

It is for these reasons that I believe men’s and women’s magazines are not all that different. It also leads me to believe as gender norms in society will become more and more blended as time goes on. I see no issues in this happening for in the end it takes both a balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine to help the world on the path of progression.



(Photo credit to women’s self protection blogspot)


Tagged chapter 5, page 114, “Questioning The Media”


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