Alternative Papers: The Voice Of The People

“I pledge allegiance to the underworld
One nation underdog
There of which I stand alone
A face in the crowd
Unsung, against the mold
Without a doubt
Singled out
The only way I know”

-Green Day, “Minority”

Alternative Press. It’s got a nice ring to it for the unique individual whose interests are beyond that of the mainstream. These newspapers give great insight into the struggles the minorities face. Today we are faced with all kinds of news, generally negative, and just plain general. Every major newspaper company usually gets their stories from similar sources, and cover the same thing. Alternative press on the other hand covers that which you may not otherwise know about.

I believe the alternative press is extremely important. Not just from a Human Rights Activist’s point of view but from a human point of view. Alternative press is important because it gives a voice to the individual who would not otherwise have one. It gives value to discriminated cultural groups in the U.S. as well as the world. Alternative press encourages equality and independence, two things the we in America once prided ourselves on. Some may say that in a world where social media is king that it could destroy the alternative press. I do not believe this to be true. The issue with the clear majority of social media is that it does not always have the true facts and for the most part is filled with internet “trolls” and those who post things that are simply just click bait. Alternative press on the other hand is generally based in fact, or at least highly opinionated individuals.

I feel that today Alternative papers are likely more important than ever. Today we are faced with civil oppression of the encroaching “god” complex of major corporations who pollute and destroy the public’s opinion of the minorities in this country. Why are we this way? Why are they this way? The answer is simple. Today’s society is all too quick to dismiss anything said by an unique individual who does not conform to the majority god complex. They are quick to attack and even quicker to discredit us because they wish to turn a blind eye to true struggle just sitting in their backyard. I feel the vast, majority of Americans today walk around blindfolded to the issues their neighbor is facing because quite frankly the age of “love thy neighbor” has passed, in much of the average mentality of the average American. Modern people do not wish to see the struggle because they are too busy yelling, “Merica.” The struggles of the little guy are rarely supported in the mainstream media because they are “acting out of the norm” but my question to them is, what is the norm? To even say anything is normal is subjective to the ethnocentric viewpoint that unfortunately plagues the American public. The alternative press is the answer of the abused, hated, and the underdog to those who seek to put us down. The minority is what holds the world in balance. Do not go blindly into the world without listening to the minority.


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Tagged chapter 6, page 147, “Questioning The Media”


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