The Movie Theater: An American Past-Time

“I suppose movie theaters are the churches of the modern age, where we gather reverently to worship the tinsel gods of Hollywood.”

-Michael Dirda

Crowded lines, noisy children, impatient people, and overpriced admissions and concessions. These are the first things many think of when they think of the theaters. This is a common issue today, but my question is why do people still go to the movies and is it really worth the cost? My answer is, Sometimes.

As an American today we can go to the movies whenever we want, so long as there is a showing. I find myself in the theaters at least a couple times a year, typically with big releases of my various fandoms I follow. I am a massive Marvel, DC, and Star Wars fan, so when any of these movies are released I will go to the theaters to see them whenever I have the money. Do I think prices are too high? Yes. However, there is very little that can compare to the quality of sound in the theaters, if a movie is released in 3D, I really like to go. In my opinion 3D combined with awesome surround sound is a force to be reckoned with for your entertainment value. The issue we have in Jonesboro though is the lack of competitors to our 1 movie theater, so high prices are to be expected, with zero competition in town.

I do however advise everyone to visit the theater at least once a year, for I feel it is a past time that not many appreciate today. There was a time in our history when theaters were a part of our culture as Americans. Times in the 1950s-1970s that conjure up images of old cars at the drive-ins and later in the 1980s-1990s when people would go into a room and try to conjure up their first kiss on their first date. For me I have many fond memories of the theaters. Every time I step through those doors and see all the neon lights and the faint sound of videogames in a little arcade it takes me back to a time when things were much more simple and the troubles of adulthood just seem to vanish in my feelings of nostalgia.

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2 thoughts on “The Movie Theater: An American Past-Time

  1. Going to the movies was something I looked forward to so much when I got here. Being from a small town with no theater I usually was a few days late getting to watch the new Star Wars movie(yes a certain someone’s death was ruined for me,) or the latest addition to the MCU. Upon arriving I’ve gone opening nights to most movies I was wanting to go see and this has been extremely nice. 3-D, unfortunately, bothers my eyes and it annoys me when you’re watching a 2-D movie and it had a scene obviously made for 3-D. In 2-D it just looks out of place and tacky. You also have a really good point about the movie theater in town having no competition though! Competition breeds excellence so if you win the lottery and open a movie theater in town I’ll go to yours instead of the Malco!

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    1. That certain someones death has been a long time coming. The actor who played said character has been trying to have that character killed off since The Empire Strikes Back. Their death wasn’t really ruined for me because I have been a HUGE Start Wars fan since i was very young. (My room was decorated in Star Wars stuff, lots of which is worth some money like my Millennium Falcon and Slave 2 ships. Han Solo, Luke, and Bobba Fett were big inspirations for me to get my pilot’s license that I am still working on)


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