Media Journal III: Life Without Media

My media use got me to thinking, what would it be like to go 24 hours without media use.  While I did give this project sincere try, I was unable to maintain my lack of media use for the whole 24 hours. Into about 17 hours into it I had to use my cell phone to “get out of my head.”

I started my 24 hours at 11 pm on Saturday night. After I started I first began by doing some writing. Working on poems is a little hobby I have had most of my life. I have found over the years that writing poetry is an effective way to unwind after a long day. After writing for about 3 hours I decided I was tired so I went to bed. I slept for around 6 hours. I learned from this that even when I do not use the alarms on my phone I have an internal clock that wakes me up around 8 or 9 in the morning. After waking up I realized I was hungry so I went to go find some food, then I realized, “Oh wait I can’t look at media, which includes advertisements.” Then I remembered that I had cooked a dish for the International Student Potluck the night before and I had leftovers! So, I whipped up a quick plate of food and ate the leftovers. After I was done eating. I found myself wondering what I was going to do for the next few hours. Since I couldn’t think of anything to do I decided to make use of my time working on my room, which was in need of some spring cleaning. I worked on that for about 30 minutes and decided it was much easier to listen to music while I cleaned so I stopped. Then I meditated for about an hour using meditative chants I had learned in the past. Then after I was done with that I decided to take a nap. I napped for about 2 hours then woke up. During my nap I had a sleep terror that caused me to get into my head. After trying to distract my thoughts for a bit I couldn’t continue no media use because I had to focus on something else to “get out of my head.”

After that I learned that I didn’t really miss any of my media use I just wish I had the ability to find alternative means of thought distraction that didn’t involve the media. I also wish I could have found some friends to spend time with that were willing to take on the 24 hours without media use and had gone camping or fishing, but everyone was busy so I was left to my own thoughts, which for someone with my condition can oftentimes have negative outcomes. If I had to rate on a scale of 1-10 about my media use, 1 indicating I have complete control over my media use or 10 the media controls me I would have to rate myself at about a 5. The reason for this is because of my lack of ability to fully control my thoughts without a way to distract myself from those very same thoughts. I plan to approach media in a different way in the future and try to find ways to occupy myself that does not involve the media. Would I recommend someone keep a media journal sometime? My answer to that would be yes to some and no to others. For example if someone is easily frustrated I would not advise them to keep a media journal. As for those who have patience and don’t suffer the same condition I suffer, I would recommend it to them. This project is an eye-opening experience and can really tell you a lot about yourself.




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