Satellite, Cable, or Broadband: Who is Superior?

“Cable TV has become where the best actors, writers and directors have gone to work because they are allowed to do character-driven stories.”

– Kevin Spacey



Which is better cable or satellite or cable? A question that many people ponder. Many households have both, others have neither, and some households have just broadcast television.

Growing up in my household we had both satellite and cable at various times and at one point we had both. When we lived in Indiana we had mostly cable since we got it for free because my uncle worked for AT&T and in those days if you knew someone in the company they could get you free cable, especially if you were family. When we moved to Arkansas we had to get satellite because we lived out in the country and cable did not reach our location. However, a few year ago Fusion Media started running cable lines out there. So, we started off having both satellite and cable coming through our television. We did this so that my family could watch Notre Dame Football Games and the Chicago Cubs baseball games. Eventually we dropped cable television because of our undying frustrations with the Fusion Media company and because our satellite company could now give us local programming as well as sports packages for a good deal. Even after dropping cable television we continued to use cable internet because of our frustrations with our satellite signal going out during storms. We could deal with our signal going out on our television but not our Internet. After I moved out of my parents’ house I started using cable more because Sudden Link was more readily available even though it was a bit pricier. I really liked having the ability to use TiVo to record my favorite programs and there was a feature that allowed me to watch new episodes of those programs directly after they aired. However, unlike TiVoing those programs when I ordered the free new episodes I was not able to fast-forward through the commercials. Which was not necessarily a bad thing, because television channels need the funding to continue to produce the shows I like.

If I had to give up at least one I would have to say satellite because even with newer dishes there is still a problem with our signal that manifests itself through delayed audio to picture and various glitchy screens in questionable weather. Cable in general is a much better avenue I think in large part to being a little better than broadcast having all the channels, TiVo, and many other features. Generally when it comes to in town television viewing I really believe in cable.


KRP tv edit 1


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