Video games: A New Mass Communication

“Sometimes we think video games are just games for kids, and then once they get out of grammar school or high school, they never play again, but that’s when they really start playing.”

– John Madden


Video games. A cornerstone of geek and nerd culture alike. When people think of video games they think extra lives, second chances, and an escape from reality. Video games, are they a form of mass communication? What makes them a form of mass communication? The answer to these questions is quite simple, yes, and for many reasons.

First off, videogames are considered a form of mass communication because they can act as a message board. Most videogame consoles can send messages to other players via private messaging through online connections. Secondly many videogames can post your gameplay online through online communities. Many gamers will send these gameplays to show how awesome they did in each circumstance of a given game. An example of this would be shooting down a plane in a first-person shooter simply by using a scope on a sniper rifle to shoot a pilot flying a plane, therefore getting both vehicle destroyed points and kill points for getting an enemy player.  Another reason videogames are considered a form of mass communication, in my mind, is because many consoles, namely XboxOne, can act as a medium between cable, games, YouTube, Netflix, and many other media outlets. XboxOne can flip between all these sources relatively easily. Finally, most consoles have headsets you can wear that will allow you to converse with your team members online, therefore broadcasting a signal of communication potentially all over the world, which makes them a form of mass communication to me.

I personally find video games to be a big part of my life, being that I have been a gamer since my childhood from 1997 to today. I have used video games in the above-mentioned ways many-a-time, especially with friends who may no longer use Facebook and who’s phones have been disconnected. To me video games are truly beautiful works of art as well a terrific way to escape the troubles of the world. I believe video games are a decent source of mass communication and that everyone should give them a try at some point in their lives.

KRP Xbox 360 edit 1



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