Human Rights Activism: When The Pros Outweigh The Cons

“Let your roots be deeply planted by the seeds of compassion and love, so that the world may lay beneath the shadow of peace.”

– Andrew W. G. Kosinski


History has never been kind to the humanitarian. Centuries upon centuries of martyrs and saints fighting for the little guy, the underdog, has shown us one thing – that governments do not like criticisms. Many governments go to such extremes to silence revolutionary minds who believe in change that often results in imprisonment, torture, or death.

Now I realize by posting these thoughts that there may come a time that they will come back to bite me, but I am not the type to worry about these sorts of things. I do what I can to help my fellow man. I dream of a better tomorrow the same as my great grandfather when he came to this country. I believe in world peace, and the unity of all mankind. While I may not always like those around me. I will always love them, the good, the bad, the unfortunate, the rich, and the poor.

At my confirmation, I took an oath upon the grave of a fallen friend and personal hero to be in service to those who need me the most in their times of strife. He and his memory after his passing was there for me in some of my darkest hours. If ever in my future I should find myself in trouble with any government at the risk of imprisonment or torture for exposing their actions against their people, my people, the human race, I would gladly present my wrists for persecution to the full extent of the law or for torture. I do not fight because of some inner self-satisfaction. I fight for what is true and just in the name of mankind as a whole. While I do not consider myself a very religious man, I do believe there has got to be some kind God, or force out there that connects everything around us, from the tiniest atom to everything in the greater universe. I believe in “that which befalls one people, befalls us all as a people.” It is for this reason that I do not fear imprisonment or torture from a government. Governments will always fall, and another will always take its place, for such is the cycle of life on this planet. My primary concern is for that of our people. I may not be a man of religion but I am a man of conviction to the cause of human progression towards world peace. This is my burden, and I will take it to my grave as it has done to many who have come before me. The world needs to know the truth, no matter the consequences.


(Video contains explicit lyrics, Parental Advisory. Credits to Machine Gun Kelly)


Tagged chapter 15, page 384, “Questioning The Media”


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