My names Andrew W.G. Kosinski I am a Sophomore at Arkansas State University. I am taking Mass Communications because I believe in using the Media to spread positivity and raise awareness about the world around us. I am a deep learner and a received, subjective, procedural, and commitment knower. I plan to graduate no matter how long it may take me. I plan to graduate with just my bachelor’s degree but am considering going for a master’s degree. I am a relatively busy individual, currently I am involved in several activist and protest groups including my own which is known as “The New American Renaissance. The Rising Star In The South.” I use this Facebook page to keep my fellow activists in this area informed with on-going protests and new ones coming up. As well as give inspirational quotes and proverbs and deliver modern views on our current state of this country. I am also in the process of developing a radio show on Red Wolf Radio called “Revolution Radio with the Gypsy.” Additionally to that I am a photographer and I run my own business named “Kosi Revolution Photography.”  I am also a father to a beautiful 3-year-old little girl named Luna Marie Kosinski. Using my degree, I wish to step up and try and make a difference in the world and build a better tomorrow for my little girl.

My media use is mostly limited to music, Netflix, and social media. The last good movie I watched was Suicide Squad. I enjoyed this movie for its artistic design and the message I got from it being, “The world will see you as a freak, but as long as you have those around you who love you for who you are. You have found a place to fit in.” My music tastes spread anywhere from classical music all the way to heavy metal. I listen to music frequently but its not the noise I listen to. I listen to music for the lyrics. The beauty of music is the message it delivers not how much noise you can make.

My internet skills are somewhat limited to having been a generation on the cusp of the Online revolution. On a scale of 1-10 i would give my familiarity with the internet skill maybe a 5 or 6. I first encountered the net circa late 90s with dial-up, but do to my frustration with it. I did not really get into the net until circa 2005, once high speed internet was more readily available and was available in my area.

My personal Strengths are a little different than the average person having been an outcast my entire life. Growing up I learned very quickly that my mind functioned slightly different than the average person. I was not like other people. I was kind, caring, yet vicious when provoked. I found passion in places where others did not even dare to tread. I raised the flag of non-conformity and soon found myself searching for others like me, those who have never fit in, or are misunderstood by society to help them and show them that they are not alone.

If I had $50 to spend on groceries in a week, I would mostly buy things to make a big pot of soup with all the necessary food groups. I have learned that making soup is not only healthy for you (if made correctly) but also incredibly useful when you are on a budget because a big pot of soup can last you longer than most things and it’s very easy to make. Furthermore, our species has been making stews and soups since the dawn of our existence. It is perhaps one of the oldest past time of mankind.

“Love is the greatest truth and weapon against the tide of adversity.”


(Video contain explicit lyrics; video credit to Machine Gun Kelly and YouTube)